Welcome to the City of Cairo
Cairo City Hall

Fire Department

Fire Chief William Schafer
bschafer@cairocity.net Fire Department responding to a call
555 2nd Ave S.E
Cairo, GA 39828
(229) 377-3293

The Cairo Fire department answers an average of 25-30 calls for service a month. The department responds to fire related emergencies, vehicle accidents, rescue, hazardous material calls, confined space rescue, and numerous non-emergency type calls.

The seventeen career personnel are required to be a minimum of National
Professional Qualification Standard Firefighter II. The shift personnel areFire Department responding to a call
divided into three five person shifts including a shift lieutenant working 24 hours on and are off 48 hours.
They are required to train 240 hours per year. They conduct semi-annual inspections of commercial facilities, new business, daycare, medical, and public assemblies The Department is also tasks with fire hydrant maintenance, hose, fire apparatus pump, ladder

The department conducts a comprehensive fire prevention program. Fire department personnel are in demand to perform at schools, civic organizations, church groups. They believe it is easier to prevent a fire than to fight a fire.

The Fire Department is housed in a central fire station with administrative
offices. The facility is 15,000 square feet and can accommodate six (6)
emergency vehicles.