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Municipal Airport

The Cairo-Grady County Airport is located off Highway 84 on Airport Road. The physical Municipal Airportaddress is 259 Edna Lane, Cairo, Georgia.

The Cairo-Grady County Airport sits at
30° 53.28’ N-Latitude,
84° 09.28’W Longitude,
264’ Elevation.

The lighting on the runway is: DUSK-2400. After 2400-CTAF, VASI: PAPI’S Rwy 12 + 30 operate with runway lights. Beacon: yes, Fuel: 100LL, Restroom-Yes, Phone: FBO (229) 377-6700, Attended: Monday – Saturday Daylight, CTAF/Unicom 122.7, TLH APP 128.7, NDB (CYR) 338.

The CYR NDB is inspected by the U. S. Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration on an annual basis and meets FAA requirements.

The Cairo-Grady County Airport has fourteen (14) T-hangars. The rent of the hangars is $75.00 for a single (12 units) and $125.00 for a twin unit (2 units) per month. You may obtain a copy of the Hangar Lease Agreement from the City Manager's Office at City Hall.

For more information please call the Cairo-Grady County Airport Manager Larry Bible at (229) 377-6700.